Friday, December 4, 2009

Unfortunatly we sometimes get what we wish for...

So the relationship Gods did grant my wish and the relationship did last until Thanksgiving and for about 48 hours after... without going into details lets just say that tequila should be used by the military as truth serum and I wish it made a punch or 3 to the face less painful... It should have been a wake up call to me that his wake up call was a margarita and a beer. Lesson learned, time to move on.

I put myself in seclusion for the week after "Mexico" kicked my ass/punched me in the face, which is a total 180 from my normal M.O. I am a socializer by nature, I thrive on people, parties, talking... anything to distract me from.... well, me.
Now trying to crawl out of this cave I put myself in has become a challenge in itself. For instance, this weekend I did not brush my teeth, change my clothes or leave my apartment for 2 day straight. I blamed it on the cold I have now; which has either been the catylist and/or savior to my new quitting smoking trend. Apparently, it seems to be working... gawd, I miss my Parliments and the pretty star that I see in the filter that forms when the tar I suck through it collects, not to mention the oral fixation and nicotine fix. Marketing genius that star is...

And you will never guess who reached their strong arm down into my sad, pathetic, hopeless and browbeaten world and dragged me out... Gabe. I should not give him all the credit, in fact he is probably essentially the methadone to my metaphorically speaking heroin addicted life, but we have had some good conversations. I in all honestly will give all due credit to Benny and Constance. They are two of my brightest, most true shining stars of friends here in the moral asshole of America... aka, LA.
They add spice, laughter, excitement, stability and love to my life. When I start to miss my family, I think of them.

Thats all for now. Monday morning is looming and I need to sleep.

Kisses and chocolate.

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